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Biomedical Image Analysis

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Biomedical Image Analysis

Our Research

The Oxford Biomedical Image Analysis group based at the University of Oxford’s Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Big Data Institute develops novel, computational techniques for the analysis and interpretation of biological and clinical images. Biomedical image analysis is an area of substantial growth and opportunity at the current time, underpinned by advances in machine learning, and this trend is likely to continue over the foreseeable future. It is an inter-disciplinary subject that brings together researchers with computer science, engineering and clinical backgrounds to solve problems together.

The breadth of the group’s interests span all major clinical imaging modalities (particularly magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound imaging, endoscopy imaging, histopathology), multi-modal imaging (imaging and audio, imaging and gaze tracking, imaging and electrocardiogram), microscopy, and clinical domains of application ranging from fetal development, to oncology, respiratory medicine, upper GI, neurology and cardiovascular medicine. We are proud of our translational track record with clinical collaborators. We seek to commercialise research where this is the appropriate pathway towards impact, and have a growing portfolio of industrial partnerships with both large and small healthcare imaging and data science companies. Faculty have actively participated in training the next generation of imaging researchers via Centre of Doctoral Training schemes since 2002 and collectively have graduated XX postgraduate research students since 2008

Biomedical image analysis  -  medical imaging  -  big data  -  machine learning  -  computational analysis  -  biomedical engineering

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