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The Computation Health Informatics group research and people involved

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Computation Health Informatics

Our Research

The Computation Health Informatics (CHI) lab focuses on "AI in healthcare", sometimes known as Clinical AI, and exists at the interface between machine learning and health informatics.

The group has access to some of the world's largest, curated, anonymised healthcare datasets, and includes work with wearables and hospital data. Systems developed as a result of the CHI lab’s collaborative work are routinely used in the care of patients within the UK National Health Service, and for improving access to healthcare in resource-constrained settings. Clinical collaboration is at the heart of each of our projects, with biomedical engineers working alongside clinical colleagues, which ensures that each project feeds directly into the care of patients.

The CHI lab is led by Professor David Clifton, and opened its second site within the Oxford University Centre for Advanced Research in Suzhou, China. In 2019, the Wellcome Trust awarded its first “Flagship Innovation Centre”, joining the CHI lab to the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit, Vietnam.

A major recent focus of the CHI lab is COVID-19, building on a track record of “AI for Infectious Disease”, in collaboration with clinical microbiologists and Public Health England.

AI  -  biomedical engineering  -  healthcare  -  machine learning

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