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Data Readiness and Digital Scholarship

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Data Readiness and Digital Scholarship

Our Research

Thanks to the amount of data, which is increasingly available in the public domain, we start to see the rise of discoveries that are made using other people’s data (e.g. datasets, software and algorithms). However, sharing and reuse of the research assets are still major challenges, due to technology, culture and policy implications. 

The Data Readiness Group and the Digital Humanities Group strive to enact the changes necessary to enable open and reproducible research, delivering high-quality data to maximize its reuse and use by machines. Our two research groups are based at the Oxford e-Research Centre in the Department of Engineering Science (link). We operate in a variety of disciplines, in particular to arts, humanities and social; life, environmental and medical; physical sciences and engineering sciences.

We have connections to many other research and development groups across Oxford, in the United Kingdom and internationally. We are key players in international initiatives, and have significant collaborations with the Bodleian Library, the Alan Turing Institute, the UK Reproducibility Network, as well as with the international FAIR data movement and global data-centric organizations. Our work is also closely linked to the scholarly publishers industry, libraries and funders, as well as pharmaceutical companies and information service providers.

Scholarly Publishing and Communication  -  e-Research  -  Internet of Things  -  Data Management and Reproducibility  -  Digital Research  -  Software Engineering  -  Data Science  -  Linked Data  -  Digital Humanities  -  Digital Sciences  -  Web Science

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