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The Ophthalmic Engineering group research and people involved

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Ophthalmic Engineering

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Age-related changes in the mechanical behaviour of the lens and capsule in the human eye have a significant influence on the ability of the eye to accommodate. These age-related changes may also have a role in the development of cortical cataracts. Research is underway on the development of computational modelling systems to better understand the role and significance of these aging processes. Developments on multi-scale models of the lens capsule and the implementation of models in finite element code have been completed. New measurements have been conducted on lens stiffness. Experimental studies are underway, in collaboration with the Barraquer Institute in Barcelona, on mechanical measurements on in vitro tissue. A separate study is underway on collecting images of the network of collagen in the lens capsule. Computer models arising from this work have been applied to the study of the ‘lentotomy’ surgical procedure to treat presbyopia and the quantification of the mechanical environment in the lens, relevant to the development of cortical cataracts.

Finite element modelling  -  soft tissue biomechanics
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