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The Clean Energy Group

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Clean Energy Group

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Energy and Power Group

From air quality in Oxford city centre to electricity access in sub-Saharan Africa, our work spans the globe and has a measurable impact. We have an interest in all aspects of energy and power.

Battery Intelligence Group

We design systems and develop diagnostics and control algorithms for electrochemical energy devices such as batteries and supercapacitors, in applications from electric cars to grid power systems.

Monroe Group

Monroe Group

An electrochemical system such as a rechargeable battery or a fuel cell relies on a chain of kinetic and transport processes, which occur and interact across many scales of size and distance. Our research program centers on electrochemical engineering, with an emphasis on the technological problems associated with energy storage and production. We aim to connect the microscopic perspective of the physical chemist with the macroscopic view of the device engineer.

Power Electronics Group

The Power Electronics Group (PEG) at Oxford develops power electronics technology for grid, industry and transport. We work across the broad area of circuits, systems and control in power electronics, ranging from large-scale modular multi-level energy storage systems, high speed control and communication for resilient microgrids, down to energy harvesting at the microwatt level.