Workshop on Recent Advances in Damping Modelling and Experiments

Workshop organised by Dr Cicirello (DUV Lab, Oxford Engineering Science Department and member of the IOP Applied Mechanics Group committee) for the IOP Applied Mechanics Group.

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A workshop sponsored by the Institute of Physics Applied Solid Mechanics group welcomes contributions on advanced techniques and industrial applications showcasing recent progress in modelling and experiments on damping (friction, constrained layer damping and other damping methods).

The workshop will focus on, but is not limited to, the following topics:

- Experimental techniques to characterize damping;

- Validation of damping models;

- Damping and friction mechanisms in mechanical joints;

- New damping strategies.

The workshop is going to be held at the Insitute of Physics, London, on 11 November 2019. 

For more info on the workshop click here