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The International Conference on AI and Musical Creativity


Wolfson College and Music Faculty, University of Oxford

Date & Time

Monday 09 Sep 2024 - Wednesday 11 Sep 2024


Early-bird registration is available until July 31st.

The Conference on AI and Music Creativity is an annual conference bringing together a community working on the application of AI in music practice. The AI and music community is a highly interdisciplinary community with a background in diverse fields of research and practice. This makes the AIMC exciting with topics ranging from performance systems, computational creativity, machine listening, robotics, sonification, and more.

This year the conference is held at The University of Oxford.

The majority of the activities will take place at Wolfson College and we will also be hosted by the Music Faculty. The conference is further supported by the Digital Scholarship at Oxford initiative (DiSc), the Oxford Research Centre for the Humanities (TORCH), and the Oxford Research Centre (OeRC) in the Department of Engineering Science.

Conference Theme

For the 2024 conference we will explore the links between music AI and adjacent domains. What can we learn from research in other domains? What can we offer people outside of the music AI community? 

The programme will include research papers, performances, demos, posters, panel discussions, workshops and keynote presentations.