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Uncover Engineering for Black Students


Lady Margaret Hall college and the Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford

Date & Time

Wednesday 29 Mar 2023 - Saturday 01 Apr 2023


UK based students in school year 10 (or equivalent) who identify as being of Black African heritage, Black Caribbean heritage, mixed Black heritage or other Black heritage

Uncover Engineering is a free residential course pilot which will let you discover what it’s like to be an engineer – trying out a subject you're not taught at school.

Uncover Engineering lets you combine your skills in maths and physics in a new way, to explore a rewarding subject that will prove useful in everything. At the same time, you’ll get a glimpse into university life, giving you a head start for when you start thinking about your future.

Uncover an exciting new subject

We’re looking for people who are creative, inventive and curious about the world around them. Does that sound like you? If you’ve got a talent for science and maths, then Uncover Engineering could be for you.

It’s a free residential course that will show you what it’s like to be an engineer – trying out a subject that you won’t be taught at school. You’ll take part in hands-on workshops across a range of engineering disciplines. From programming robots to creating and testing packaging for breakable items, you’re sure to find something you’re passionate about. Staying in one of Oxford University’s historic colleges and attending classes at the Department of Engineering Science, it’s a peek behind the scenes at student life. Join us for Uncover Engineering and learn to see the world through an engineer’s eyes.


Further information about eligibility and how to apply: Uncover Engineering