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Meet the team

Kalin Dragnevski MSc, PhD, FRMS
Research Fellow & Facility Manager

Kalin obtained his MSc from the University of Chemical Technology & Metallurgy, Sofia, Bulgaria & his PhD from the Institute of Materials at Leeds University. Following a short spell in industry, he took a research position in the Cavendish Laboratory at University of Cambridge. Kalin joined the Engineering Science Department at the University of Oxford in 2008, where he now leads the Laboratory for In-situ Microscopy & Analysis (LIMA). His research is aimed at developing methodologies for better understanding the structure-property-composition relationship in advanced materials systems on a micro- & nano-scale using novel in-situ micromechanical testing techniques. His work recently received the prestigious DR Harting Award for best paper of the year given by the Society of Experimental Mechanics. 

Marzena Tkaczyk, Experimental Laboratory Officer

Marzena gained significant experimental experience in the areas of Materials & Mechanical Engineering during her MSc and PhD studies at Mechanical Faculty of Wroclaw University of Technology in Poland. Her research was focused in the areas of Amorphous and Nano-crystalline iron based alloys, their manufacturing, properties and applications. She joined Laboratory for In-situ Microscopy & Analysis (LIMA) in 2015. Her current research is aimed at investigating the microstructure of materials and their mechanical properties on different length scales. She is also an expert in the application of Digital Image Correlation techniques for strain analysis.

Nick Hawkins, Research Assistant

Nick graduated from Kingston University with a  1st Class BSC (Hons) in Chemistry & Business Administration. Since then he has worked in the field of Materials Characterisation with a range of companies and organisations including TA Instruments, Sartorius and Oxford University at the departments of Zoology and Engineering Science. Nicks main area of work is in Thermal Analysis and Rheology. He helps to run the TML laboratory at LIMA which provides measurement services for a range of University departments and an external contract testing service to Industry. Expertise is provided in a wide range of material classes including polymers, pharmaceuticals & healthcare, bio-medical, composites, adhesives, foodstuffs and petrochemical.

Rhiannon Heard, DPhil Engineering Science

Rhiannon read Engineering Science at Trinity College, University of Oxford, for which she was in receipt of the IMechE Spen King Sustainability Award 2013 and the IET Diamond Jubilee Scholarship. During this time, she specialised in mechanical and materials engineering, culminating in her fourth year dissertation entitled Micromechanics of Pharmaceutics. After completion of her undergraduate degree, Rhiannon remained in the Solid Mechanics group at Oxford to take up her current DPhil position at LIMA. Rhiannon’s doctoral project, funded by EPSRC and in collaboration with Deben UK Ltd, focusses on development of new technologies for studying material behaviour in a Scanning Electron Microscope at elevated temperatures. She is currently also a Stipendiary Lecturer in Engineering Science at Trinity College. For full profile and