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Andrea Vallecchi


Andrea Vallecchi DPhil

Senior Researcher

TEL: 01865 283043
COLLEGE: St Hugh's College


Dr A. Vallecchi received the Laurea (M.Sc.) degree (summa cum laude) in electronic engineering from the University of Florence, Italy, and the Ph.D. degree in applied electromagnetics from the University of Salerno, Italy. After completing his PhD, he was a research associate with the Laboratory of Antennas and Microwaves, University of Florence. In 2008 he joined the University of Siena, Italy, as a postdoctoral research fellow. From 2008 to 2010, he was contract professor for the course “Optical components” at the School of Engineering, University of Siena. In 2013 Dr Vallecchi was awarded a Marie Curie Research Fellowship at the University of Sheffield, UK.

Since August 2015 he has been with the Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford, UK. In 2019 and then again since Michaelmas Term 2020 he has been a tutorial lecturer in Engineering at St Hugh's College, University of Oxford, Oxford.

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Research Interests

  • Theoretical modelling and design of metamaterials, metasurfaces, and metamaterial-inspired antennas for applications at microwaves, THz, and optical frequencies.
  • Superdirective antennas.
  • Magnetoinductive waves in the presence of conducting materials.
  • Wireless power transfer (WPT) in complex environments including conductive interfaces.
  • Reconfigurable frequency selective surfaces (FSSs) and antennas.
  • Wireless feedthroughs for ultra-high vacuum (UHV) ion trapping systems with glass vacuum chambers.

Current Projects

  • SYMETA: Synthesizing 3D Metamaterials for RF, Microwave and THz Applications, funded by the EPSRC within the “Grand Challenge Call” of March 2015. SYMETA responds to Grand Challenge 3: Engineering across length scales, from atoms to applications. SYMETA brings together leading expertise in engineering, physics and materials science from five institutions: Loughborough University, University of Exeter, University of Sheffield, Oxford University and Queen Mary, University of London, together with 12 industrial partners from a range of sectors including defense and electronics manufacture.

Research Groups


  • Excellence Award for outstanding performance throughout 2019, Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford (Mar. 2020).
  • Co-recipient of the “Best Antenna Theory Paper Award” at the 8th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation, EuCAP 2014, for the paper: V. Sozio, A. Vallecchi, M. Albani, and F. Capolino, “Closed-form expressions of local effective bianisotropic constitutive parameters for reciprocal metamaterials” (