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Andrew Kirby

Andrew Kirby MEng

DPhil Student

COLLEGE: Trinity College


Andrew graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Cambridge. As an undergraduate, Andrew specialised in the numerical modelling of engineering problems and fluid mechanics. For his M.Eng research project, Andrew worked with British Cycling to model the physiologies of Olympic track cyclists.

Since graduating Andrew has developed an interest in machine learning techniques and atmospheric science. For his doctoral research Andrew will be working closely with the UK MetOffice to improve the prediction of wind farm power production and the representation of surface drag in weather and climate models.

Andrew joined the University of Oxford in 2020 as part of the Environmental Research (NERC) DTP with funding provided by the National Environmental Research Council and UK MetOffice

Research Interests

  • Large scale wind energy production
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Weather prediction and climate modelling
  • Atmospheric drag processes

Current Projects

  • Hybrid physical-statistical modelling of wind farms and complex terrain:

    I will develop novel methods of predicting the interactions between turbines in a wind farm, and research surface drag in weather and climate models.