Anna Ania Brown Research Software Engineer

Anna (Ania) Brown

Research Software Engineer

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Ania is a Research Software Engineer specialising in the development, optimisation and maintenance of scientific programs on HPC systems, including both CPUs and accelerators. She received a master’s degree from the Tokyo University of Technology in 2016, where she worked on algorithms to perform stencil calculations on an adaptively refined mesh efficiently on GPU. Since 2017 she has worked as an RSE at the Oxford e-Research Centre in the Department of Engineering Science at Oxford University, and since September 2019 she is also partly based in the Software Sustainability Institute at the University of Southampton. She is a trustee of the Society of Research Software Engineering and is also a member of the Women in HPC network.

Research Interests

My goal is to support researchers across all scientific disciplines to improve the quality, reproducibility and scope of their research. My current work includes projects in quantum computing, plasma physics and topological analysis of data sets.

Research Projects

QuEST: a C library for the simulation of quantum computers on classical high performance systems.

GS2: a Fortran code for the large scale simulation of turbulence in magnetized plasma.


Jones, T., Brown, A., Bush, I. et al. QuEST and High Performance Simulation of Quantum Computers. Sci Rep 9, 10736 (2019).