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Begbrooke Science Park


Anna Clements DPhil (Oxon) MA Meng


Dr Anna Clements received a DPhil in Engineering Science in 2019, on the use of data-driven approaches to enable the design of sustainable energy systems for communities in the Global South. Her research aligned with the Solar Nano-Grids (SONG) project (2014-2018), which trialled SONGs as a means of rural, off-grid electrification for communities in the Global South. This involved designing and installing two SONGs in Kenya in 2016 that continue to evolve to changing community needs.

Prior to her doctoral research, Anna completed a Masters in Engineering from the University of Cambridge in 2013, specialising in Energy, Sustainability and the Environment.

Research Interests

  • The conflict between ensuring energy access systems are suitable for local contexts, and achieving replication of systems at scale
  • Design of sustainable energy services to address the energy access deficit, both in terms of the quantity of people without access, and ensuring that access adds value to the end-user
  • Exploring co-design methods for rural, off-grid electrification contexts
  • Data gathering and analysis to reduce demand uncertainty for new electrification projects

Research Groups


  • Clements, Wheeler, Mohr and McCulloch (2019), “The Service Value Method for Design of Energy Access Systems in the Global South”, Proceedings of the IEEE, Special Issue: Electricity for All: Access to Electricity Issues and Solutions for Energy-disadvantaged Communities.
  • Clements and McCulloch (2019), “Time series electricity data for rural households using solar nano-grids in Kenya”, Mendeley Data. In process of release.
  • Clements, Nixon, and McCulloch (2015). “Low-loss, High Compression of Energy Profiles”, 2015 International Conference on Renewable Energy Research and Applications (ICRERA), Palermo, Italy.