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Dr Avinash Vijay Postdoctoral Research Associate


Avinash Vijay

Postdoctoral Research Associate


Vijay Avinash is a post-doctoral research associate at the University of Oxford. Vijay is interested in the interplay between electricity markets and demand side flexibility. He is keen on exploring how decentralised energy resources will help provide value to both consumers and suppliers in a low carbon future. His main contributions will be in areas related to system modelling and computation of management strategies for flexible assets. His doctoral thesis at Imperial College London analysed the combination of national level electricity system operation with demand side resources in the residential heating sector. Prior to this he was a Research Engineer at Airbus Group Innovations where he analysed energy and power management algorithms for platforms across the various business units. Vijay also has a master’s degree from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Here he developed plant-wide control algorithms for a solar powered water recycling system.

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Research Interests

Demand Side Flexibility, Energy Systems, Optimisation

Related Academics

Research Projects

  • DESIRE - Domestic Energy Storage Integration with Renewable Energy
  • MultiSAVES - Multi Sites, Actors, Vectors for Energy Services
  • Vijay, A., & Hawkes, A. (2019). Demand Side Flexibility from Residential Heating to Absorb Surplus Renewables in Low Carbon Futures. Renewable Energy, 138, 598-609.
  • Vijay, A., & Hawkes, A. (2018). Impact of dynamic aspects on economics of fuel cell based micro co-generation in low carbon futures. Energy, 155, 874-886.
  • Vijay, A., & Hawkes, A. (2017). The techno-economics of small-scale residential heating in low carbon futures. Energies, 10(11), 1915.
  • Vijay, A., Fouquet, N., Staffell, I., & Hawkes, A. (2017). The value of electricity and reserve services in low carbon electricity systems. Applied Energy, 201, 111-123.
  • Vijay, A., Ling, K. V., & Fane, A. G. (2013). Reserve management and real time optimization for a solar powered Membrane Distillation Bio-Reactor water recycling plant via convex optimization. Renewable Energy, 60, 489-497.