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Celine Kayal DPhil MEng MSc

Postdoctoral Researcher


From 2015, Celine started an internship at UCL, London focused on large gap peripheral nerve injury as part of Prof R. Shipley and Dr. J. Phillips' group.

This multi-disciplinary project was then extended to a Ph.D. aiming to find a new rational design for tissue engineering conduits for peripheral nerve repair using spatial control of physical and chemical factors.

She graduated in 2019 and joined Professor Antoine Jerusalem's group in Oxford to work on experimental cell mechanics.

Research Interests

  • NeuroEngineering
  • Biomechanics
  • Mechanobiology
  • Electrophysiology

Research Projects

Experimental investigation of electrophysiological-mechanical coupled pulses in neural
membranes under inhalational anaesthetic drugs and/or ultrasound.

Related Academic


A combined experimental-theoretical approach to inform cell seeding strategies in tissue
engineering, R.H Coy, G. Al-Badri, C. Kayal, C. O’Rourke, P. Kingham, J.B Phillips, R.J Shipley, under review, 2019

Mechanical response of neural cells to physiologically relevant stiffness gradients. C.Kayal, E. Moeendarbary, R.J Shipley, J.B Phillips, Adv Healthc Mater, 2019

Physical and mechanical properties or RAFT-Stabilised collagen gels for tissue engineering
applications. C. Kayal, R.J Shipley, J.B Phillips, JMBBM, 2019

A joint theoretical-experimental approach to investigate the effects of low oxygen environments upon therapeutic cell viability and VEGF production, R.H Coy, G. Kennedy, C Kayal, P.J Kingham, J.B Phillips, R.J Shipley, C. O’Rourke, eCM, 2016

A mathematical model informed by in vitro experiments to advance engineered nerve repair construct design. R.H Coy, G. Kennedy, C. Kayal, C. O’Rourke, P.J Kingham, J.B Phillips, R.J Shipley, eCM, 2016

In vitro experiments to inform cell seeding strategies and parameterize a mathematical model for peripheral nerve repair, G. Kennedy, R.H Coy, C. Kayal, C. O’Rourke, P.J Kingham, R.J Shipley, J.B Phillips, eCM, 2016

Effect of collagen gel concentration gradients on neurite elongation. C. Kayal, R. Shipley, JB. Phillips, eCM, 2016

Assessment of throat-hit and desire to switch from tobacco to e-cigarette during blind test of e-liquid and e-cigarette. B. Dautzenberg, A. Scheck, C. Kayal, M-D. Dautzenberg, Eur Respir J, 2015

Device for adjusting an amount of an active substance inhaled by a user and communicating portable terminal, A. Scheck, P. Lemail, V. Devos, J. Elkhoury, M. Sunat, C. Kayal, United States Patent US20170027232A1, 2014

Prizes and awards

Inoue Masaru Scholarship, UCL 2018

TCES Travel bursary 2018

Early Career Researcher Travel Bursary 2018

TCES Travel bursary 2017

Ph.D. Scholarship, UCL-Mechanical Engineering 2016-2019

Dean’s Prize, UCL, 2016