Constance Crozier

DPhil Candidate

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Constance Crozier received her MEng in Engineering Science from the University of Oxford in 2016, specialising in Information Engineering.

She is curently a DPhil candidate working with Professor Malcolm McCulloch, sponsored by Jaguar Land Rover.

Research Interests

Constance's research focuses on the impact that electric vehicle charging will have on the power system.

She is using optimization and data analysis to forecast the demand of uncontrolled and smart charging of electric vehicles, in order to quantify the impact of charging on the generation, transmission, and distribution systems.

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Selected Publications

  • C. Crozier, D. Apostolopoulou, M. McCulloch, Mitigating the impact of personal vehicle elec- tri cation: A power generation perspective, Energy Policy, 2018
  • C. Crozier, D. Apostolopoulou, M. McCulloch, Numerical analysis of national travel data to assess the impact of UK eet electri cation, Power Systems Computation Conference (PSCC), 2018
  • C. Crozier, D. Apostolopoulou, M. McCulloch, Clustering of usage profiles for electric vehicle behaviour analysis, Innovation in Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT) Europe, 2018
  • J. Cao, C. Crozier, M. McCulloch, Optimal design and operation of a low carbon community based multi-energy systems considering EV integration, IEEE Trans. of Sustainable Energy, 2018
  • C. Crozier, The grid impacts of e-mobility, Oxford Energy Forum 2018