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Dr Girmaw Ababe Tadesse Postdoctoral Researcher


Girmaw Abebe Tadesse PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher


Dr Girmaw Abebe Tadesse is a Postdoctoral Researcher in Machine Learning for Healthcare at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering, University of Oxford. He primarily develops deep learning techniques to assist diagnosis of cardiovascular disease, cancer and infectious disease. He works in multiple projects with international collaborations including clinicians in China and Vietnam.

Girmaw completed his PhD at Queen Mary University of London under the Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate Program in Interactive and Cognitive Environments with UPC-BarcelonaTech. His PhD research focused on computer vision and machine learning algorithms for human activity recognition using wearable sensors.

Girmaw received his MSc degree in Telecommunications Engineering from Trento University, Italy in 2012, and the BSc degree in Electrical Engineering from Arba Minch University, Ethiopia in 2007. He has worked in various research groups across Europe, including the Technical Research Center for Dependency Care and Autonomous Living in Spain, KU Leuven in Belgium, and INESC-ID in Portugal.

Google Scholar

Research Interests

  • Multi-modal learning
  • First-person vision
  • Deep networks for temporal encoding in video and time-series data

Current Projects

  • Automated Decision Support System for Patients at Risk of Myocardial Infarction (FAST Healthcare NetworksPlus Project)
  • Predictive Monitoring of Acute Infectious Disease in Critically Ill Vietnamese Patients (Frontiers of Engineering)
  • Epigenetic Enrichment of Circulating Tumour DNA to Enable Deep Profiling for Cancer Early Detection (Cancer Research UK)