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Guanze He


Guanze He DPhil

Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Dr He received his DPhil in the Department of Materials, University of Oxford. His DPhil project focused on using state-of-the-art electron microscopic techniques to characterise the irradiation induced defects, and understand their impact on the corrosion of Zirconium alloys as cladding materials in fission reactors.
Before Oxford, Guanze received his MPhil in Nuclear Energy in the Departmen of Engineering, University of Cambridge. His MPhil dissertation was using Monte Carlo simulation to optimise the fuel assembly loading pattern to reduce the radiaiton damage in reactor pressure vessels. Guanze received his bachelor defrees from Fudan University and University of Birmingham.

Research Interests

Guanze's main interest is to use various characterising techniques to study the defects in alloys. By understanding the mechanisms governing the creation and evolution of defects in different conditions, one is allowed to link the microstructural and microchemical changes at atomic scales to the macroscopic changes of properties.

Current Projects

  • Investigating the radiation induced damage in W and FeCr by electron microscopy
  • Understanding the mechanical property changes in severe plastic deformed materials

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