Gwilym Jones

DPhil Student

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Gwilym received the MEng degree in Integrated (Electrical-Mechanical) Engineering from Cardiff University in 2016. He is now an EPSRC-funded DPhil student working under the supervision of Professor Dan Rogers.


Research Interests

Gwilym is interested in the interface between power semiconductor devices and the circuits in which they are used, with a focus on the drive circuit requirements for transistor devices such as MOSFETs and IGBTs.

Active gate drives can be used to finely tune the switching behaviour of the transistors in power electronic converters, with the potential to increase efficiency (by enabling faster switching), improve reliability (by reducing device stress during switching transients), and reduce electromagnetic interference (by controlling voltage and current rates-of-change).

These important outcomes can increase the effectiveness of power electronic converters in a range of applications, such as renewable energy generation and flexible electricity transmission, making active gate drives a promising area of research.

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