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Thom Building, Department of Engineering Science

Hendrik Andresen

Doctoral Student


Hendrik Andresen is a doctoral student in Engineering Science. He graduated from the Technical University of Berlin with a master’s degree in June 2017.

During his studies he gained invaluable professional experience in the automotive (Porsche Engineering) and aerospace (Rolls-Royce Germany) industries and participated in an international exchange programme with the University of Michigan sponsored by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

In October 2017, he began his DPhil studies under the supervision of Prof David Hills in the field of contact mechanics. His research activities are funded by a Marie-Curie fellowship (project EXPERTISE). He has a passion for undergraduate teaching and is a stipendiary lecturer at Lincoln College.

Research Gate

Research Interests

Hendrik's research is based on the fundamentals of applied mechanics and evolves around contact mechanics and the corresponding topics of fretting fatigue, friction and fracture mechanics.

He is always supportive of bringing innovative ideas into commercial application. He consults with leading engineers and researchers across different institutions and industries, and gives guidance on a successful implementation of his research results.

Current Projects


Related Academics


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