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Dr Jacob Wilkins Research Software Engineering Associate in High Performance Computing


Jacob Wilkins PhD MPhys

Research Associate


Jacob is working primarily with Dr Ian Bush on developing methods for long-range solutions to potentials for use in the software packages DL_Poly and CRYSTAL. He recently started working on the NQIT project with Niel de Beaudrap developing ease-of-use tools and new methods for simulating quantum computers.

Prior to working at the Oxford e-Research Centre, he studied at York, working on exploring shock-wave phenomena in the plane-wave DFT code CASTEP, to which he made many contributions including empirical potentials and integrators.

In his spare time, Jacob is working with a group in Chemistry in York on developing a method for predicting products of reagents in chemical reactions.


Research Interests

  • Molecular Dynamics -Potentials and Integrators
  • Quantum Computing

Research Projects


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