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Jude Fletcher DPhil candidate

Jude Fletcher BSc MSc

DPhil Candidate

TEL: 01865 610620

Jude is a Software Engineer (Full Stack), with vast practical experience in data science, front-end development, back-end scripting, database development and design thinking on multiple technological platforms. He perceives Artificial Intelligence as a natural progression of Software Engineering, where one teaches machines to think for themselves, instead of telling them what to do.

Jude's areas of interest consequently linger around Artificial Intelligence and Edge Computing. His DPhil focuses on using machine learning techniques to improve cloud application performance at extremely low latencies, through efficient resource orchestration & task scheduling. The main use cases for this work include the future railway, smart factories and a smart health infrastructure geared towards Malaria elimination in the Tropics.

Originally from Ghana, Jude has a bachelor's degree and master's degree from Poland and England respectively. During the course of his studies, Jude acquired varied industrial experience with a number of companies including Google and Nestle.

Research Interests

  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Software Engineering
  • Edge Computing
  • Artificial Intelligence

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