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Profile photo of Kirk Smith

Kirk Smith

Postdoctoral Research Assistant


Kirk strives to accelerate the clean energy transition through his research. He received his BSc in mechanical engineering from the University of Tulsa where he focused on the thermal engineering of hybrid PV/thermal power plants. Currently his doctoral studies aim to develop more practical flow battery electrolytes based on nonaqueous chemistries from an electrochemical engineering approach.


Research Interests

(Photo)electrochemical engineering and mechanical engineering as they apply to:

  • clean energy generation
  • grid-scale energy storage
  • desalination
  • clean production of fuels and chemical feedstocks

Research Project

Symmetric nonaqueous flow batteries: developing improved understanding of symmetric flow battery operation and enhanced nonaqueous electrolyte formulations to jointly improve performance

Research Group


  • Trinity College Graduate Scholarship,
  • STFC Futures Early Career Award,
  • Rhodes Scholarship