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Longhui Zhang BSc DPhil MSc

Postdoctoral Research Associate


Dr. Longhui Zhang holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering (2018) from Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and graduated in Solid Mechanics (Direct BSc-MSc) from South China University of Technology. He is currently a researcher at the University of Oxford, working on impact resistant design of lightweight materials and structures in Rolls-Royce engine

Longhui’s interest is in experimental impact mechanics, with emphasis on the adiabatic self-heating, constitutive modelling, strain localization and dynamic failure mechanisms of polymers, composite foams and lightweight metals under complex stress states, to provide important findings and results for critical engineering applications as well as being good physics

Longhui is a member of International Society of Impact Engineering and Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, and serves as a monthly peer reviewer for Mechanics of Materials, Materials Science and Engineering: A, Journal of Dynamic Behavior of Materials, Materials Characterization, International Journal of Crashworthiness et al. about 20 journals.


Awards and Achievements

July 2017  Excellent Dissertation for Master's Degree, South China University of Technology

August 2016  The paper “Constitutive model of aviation transparent polyurethane at high strain rates” was selected as "Top Articles from Outstanding S&T Journals of China in 2015" on F5000 Frontrunner Platform

October 2014  National Scholarship awarded by Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China (About $3300)

June 2013  Excellent Dissertation for Bachelor's Degree, South China University of Technology

Research Interests

  • Hopkinson Bar Techniques
  • High Speed Photography
  • Thermomechanical Coupling
  • Adiabatic Shear Banding
  • Dynamic Necking Localization
  • Ballistic Penetration and Perforation
  • Thermal-Viscoplastic Constitutive Modelling
  • Microstructural Failure Analysis

Current Projects

PHENOMENA 3  Understanding of the effects of temperature and strain rate on isotropic and kinematic hardening of titanium alloys.

Research Groups


Publications in Impact Engineering in Oxford

  • L.H. Zhang, A. Pellegrino, D. Townsend, N. Petrinic, Thermomechanical aspects of constitutive behavior of a near α Titanium alloy over a wide range of strain rates, International Journal of Mechanical Science, 2021, 189, 105970.
  • L.H. Zhang, A. Pellegrino, D. Townsend, N. Petrinic, Strain rate and temperature dependent strain localization of a near α titanium alloy, International Journal of Impact Engineering, 2020, (145):103676
  • L.H. Zhang, A. Pellegrino, N. Petrinic, Dynamic necking of a near α titanium alloy at high strain rates: experiments and modelling, Defense Technology, 2020 (In Press).
  • L.H. Zhang, G. Gour, N. Petrinic, A. Pellegrino, Rate dependent behaviour and dynamic strain localisation of three novel impact resilient titanium alloys: experiments and modelling, Materials Science and Engineering: A, 2020, 138552.
  • R.M. Quinn, L.H. Zhang, M.J. Cox, D. Townsend, T. Cartwright, G. Aldrich-Smith, P.A. Hooper, J.P. Dear, Development and Validation of a Hopkinson Bar for Hazardous Materials, Experimental Mechanics, 60, 1275–1288 (2020).
  • L. Varley, M. Rutherford, L.H. Zhang, A. Pellegrino, The mechanical response of wet volcanic sand to impact loading, effects of water content and initial consolidation, Journal of Dynamic Behavior of Materials, 6, 358–372 (2020).
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