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Luca Marino

Luca Marino BSc MSc

DPhil Candidate

College Lecturer

COLLEGE: Balliol College, Lincoln College



Luca Marino is a DPhil student in Engineering Science since January 2018.

He completed a BSc (2014) and a MSc (2017) in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Naples, Federico II (Italy). He also worked as Research Intern at ISAE-ENSMA Institut PPrime of Poitiers (France).

His doctorate research project, funded by EPSRC and Rolls-Royce (iCASE), is focused on the development of a fundamental understanding of how friction affects the dynamic behaviour of discrete mechanical systems, using both theoretical and experimental approaches.

Since October 2019, Luca is a College Lecturer at Balliol College (Oxford), where he teaches Structural, Materials and Dynamics to Engineering undergraduate students.


Research Interests

  • Friction damping
  • Nonlinear dynamics
  • Mechanical vibrations
  • Dynamic testing


  • Marino, L., Cicirello, A.: Dynamic response of multi-degree-of-freedom systems with a Coulomb friction contact under harmonic excitation. Nonlinear Dyn. 106, 1675–1709 (2021)

  • Marino, L., Cicirello, A.: Multi-degree-of-freedom systems with a Coulomb friction contact: analytical boundaries of motion regimes. Nonlinear Dyn. 104,35–63 (2021)

  • Marino, L., Cicirello, A.: Experimental investigation of a single-degree-of-freedom system with Coulomb friction. Nonlinear Dyn. 99, 1781-1799 (2020)

  • Marino, L., Cicirello, A., Hills, D.A.: Displacement transmissibility of a Coulomb friction oscillator subject to joined base-wall motion. Nonlinear Dyn. 98, 2595-2612 (2019)
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Awards and prizes

Award for the "Best presentation for both academic and industrial impact" at Workshop on Recent Advances in Damping Modelling and Experiments, Institute of Physics, London, 2019