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Researcher photo

Matthew Chun BSc

DPhil Student


Matthew received a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Management Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology prior to coming to Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar in 2018. He has experience in the design and testing of medical devices, both as an undergraduate researcher in the Biomechatronics Group of the MIT Media Lab and as a co-founder of a startup that builds affordable prostheses for low-income amputees.

Matthew has also worked as a technology specialist in the field of US intellectual property law, prosecuting patents and developing IP strategies for a range of technologies including medical devices, robotics, signal processing techniques, optimisation methods, and machine learning applications.

Research Interests

Matthew's DPhil focusses on improving our understanding of cardiovascular disease using machine learning methods.

Current Projects

Matthew's work utilises data from the China Kadoorie Biobank, a large-scale dataset set up to investigate the main genetic and environmental causes of common chronic diseases in the Chinese population, with the aim of generating information that will advance our understanding of disease aetiology not only in China but also in other countries.