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Mohamed Baioumy

Mohamed Baioumy BSc

DPhil Student

COLLEGE: University College


Mohamed joined Oxford Robotics Institute in 2019 as a DPhil student at University College (UNIV). He is supervised by Prof Nick Hawes, Dr Paul Duckworth and Dr Bruno Lacerda and is part of the GOALS group. To study in Oxford, he received the 2019 Oxford-Ashton memorial scholarship and an EPSRC Doctoral Training Award (DTA).

Mohamed did his undergraduate studies in Mechanical Engineering and Robotics at TU Delft, the Netherlands. He participated in teaching activities such as an open online course about ROS. He also participated in a broad range of projects and research activities including energy-efficient mechanical grippers, hydrogen fuel cells and safety systems for autonomous vehicles.

Google Scholar

Research Interests

Decision-making in robotics as probabilistic inference: from filtering and state-estimation to planning, control and reinforcement learning.

Research Groups


  • M. Baioumy, P. Duckworth, B. Lacerda, and N. Hawes, “Active Inference for Integrated State-estimation, Control, and Learning,” in IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2021.
  • M. Baioumy, C. Pezzato, R. Ferrari, C. H. Corbato, and N. Hawes, “Fault-tolerant Control of Robot Manipulators with Sensory Faults using Unbiased Active Inference,” in European Control Conference (ECC), 2021 C. Pezzato,
  • M. Baioumy, C. H. Corbato, N. Hawes, M. Wisse, andR. Ferrari, “Active inference for fault-tolerant control of robot manipulators with sensory faults,” in1st Int. Workshop on Active Inference, ECML PKDD, ser. Communications in Computer and information science, Springer, Ed., vol. 1326, 2020.
  • M. Baioumy, M. Mattamala, and N. Hawes, “Variational inference for predictive and reactive controllers,” in ICRA Workshop on new advances in Brain-inspired Perception, Interaction and Learning, Paris, France, 2020

Awards/Public Engagement

Clinton Global Initiative Fellow

2021 Chair Robotics Session at the European Control Conference, 2021