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Paul Bailey


Paul Bailey MEng

Senior Research Assistant

Mechanical Design Engineer, Teaching Design Support Group

Paul Bailey studied Engineering as an undergraduate at the University of Cambridge and then spent 3 years at the University of Warwick working on a Linear Rankine cycle engine. He started working for the Cryogenic Engineering Group at Oxford in 1985, working on Stirling cycle cryocoolers and linear compressors. Since 2002 he has taken up a 50% teaching role with the TDSG mainly teaching CAD.

Research Interests

  • Cryocoolers
    • Design with Honeywell Hymatic (HH) of compressors for Northrop Grummans High Efficiency and High Capacity cryocoolers
    • Design of a valved linear compressor for the MIRI cryocooler on the James Webb space telescope
    • Ongoing design of cryocooler compressors with HH and NG
  • Stirling Engines
    • Design of a linear alternator for a Thermo Acoustic Stirling Heat Engine (TASHE) for Northrop Grumman
    • Development of a Stirling cycle generator for deep space and planetary exploration with STFC RAL, funded by ESA
    • EPSRC funded project to develop a Linear Stirling engine using a buffer tube
  • Solar Concentrators
    • Development of a novel solar concentrator o Solar concentrators for high temperature application

Research Groups