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Richard Wood


Richard Wood PhD

Postdoctoral Research Assistant


Richard achieved a Class I degree in Physics from the University of Leeds and wrote his dissertation on the phenomenon of sonoluminescence (SL). Then, Richard continued for his PhD in the related field of ultrasonic cavitation (University of Surrey), both in fundamentals and for process. Again, this involved SL, here, as a reactor and bubble field characterisation technique. Richard broadened his ultrasound, and industrial, experience to include ultrasound for cleaning during his first postdoctoral position at the University of Aberdeen. Richard has a strong publishing record, publishing in the highly regarded journal Ultrasonics Sonochemistry (Impact Factor (IF) 7.279). Richard will now use his ultrasound experimental experience and knowledge of ultrasonic cavitation fundamentals to drive forward the SL for drug delivery project.

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Research Interests

My experience is in the application of theory to laboratory experimental design, implementation and complex data analysis. This, to achieve results in line with set objectives and project milestones. I have, thus far, worked with global consultancy company Arcadis (PhD), and the Oil and Gas Technology Centre, OGTC (now the Net Zero Technology Centre), Aberdeen, UK (postdoc). My area of expertise is ultrasound systems; through laboratory experiments (bench and pilot scale) I have developed the understanding of ultrasonic cavitation fundamentals (such as sonoluminescence and sonochemistry) and optimised ultrasound systems for process (water treatment and cleaning). I am particularly interested in the application of ultrasound to novel processes and to then develop, and implement, the systems through experience and theoretical knowledge.

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