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Sara Garzon Hernandez BEng DPhil MEng

Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Dr Sara Garzon Hernandez graduated from the University Carlos III of Madrid with a degree in Industrial Technology Engineering (Structures and Machines Mechanics major) in 2014 and with a Master’s in Industrial Engineering in 2016. In 2019, she obtained her Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from University Carlos III of Madrid.

Sara started her research career in the department of Continuum Mechanics and Structural Analysis of University Carlos III of Madrid, where she developed her Ph.D. During this time, she spent 4 months as a visiting student in the Solid Mechanics group at the University of Oxford. Currently, Sara is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Engineering Science at the University of Oxford.

Sara's research activities focus on continuum mechanics formulations, computational modelling and experimental characterisation of components manufactured by Additive Manufacturing technologies, ranging from metals to polymers.

Research Gate

Research Interests

  • Computational mechanics of materials
  • Constitutive modelling of material
  • Additive manufacturing technologies

Research Group

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Current Project

Multiphysics additive manufacturing constitutive modelling


  • S. Garzon-Hernandez, D. Garcia-Gonzalez, A. Jerusalem, A. Arias. Design of FDM 3D printed polymers: an experimental-modelling methodology or the prediction of mechanical properties. Materials and Design, 188:108414, 2020.
  • G. Kinvi-Dossou, R. Matadi Boumbimba, N. Bonfoh, S. Garzon-Hernandez, D. Garcia-Gonzalez, P. Gerard, A. Arias. Innovative acrylic thermoplastic composites versus conventional composites: improving the impact performances. Composite Structures, 217:1-13, 2019.
  • D. Garcia-Gonzalez, A. Jérusalem, S. Garzon-Hernandez, R. Zaera, A. Arias. A continuum mechanics constitutive framework for transverse isotropic soft tissues. Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 112:209-224, 2018.
  • D. Garcia-Gonzalez, S. Garzon-Hernandez, A. Arias. A new constitutive model for polymeric matrices: Application to biomedical materials. Composites Part B: Engineering, 139:117-129, 2018.
  • S. Garzon-Hernandez, D. Garcia-Gonzalez, A. Arias. Multi-impact mechanical behaviour of short fibre reinforced composites. Composite Structures, 202:241-252, 2018.