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Profile photo of Selena Milanovic

Selena Milanovic MEng MSc

DPhil Student

As a DPhil student, Selena is designing mathematical models to better understand the relationship between metabolism and blood flow in the brain. An in-depth understanding of this relationship is key to uncovering the onset of brain degenerative diseases.

Selena is also the student representative of the Institute of Biomedical Engineering and an active member of the Oxford Women in Engineering Society.

Research Interests

  • Cerebral blood flow and metabolism
  • Mathematical modelling
  • Computational neurophysiology

Related Academics

Science awards

  • Best presentation award, Virtual Physiological Human conference, August 2020
  • Lightning round presentation winner, Medtronic, August 2020
  • STEM for Britain invited speaker, Parliament of the United Kingdom, March 2020
  • Best presentation award, International Cerebral Autoregulation Network (CARNet) conference, September 2019


  • World Economic Forum policy-hackathon winner on COVID-19 recovery strategies, Oxford Global Shapers, May 2020
  • McKinsey & Company Next Generation Women Leader award, January 2020
  • Global 100 Leaders of Tomorrow, Gap Summit, January 2020