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Dr Sivapriya Bhagavathy Postdoctoral Research Associate


Sivapriya Bhagavathy

Postdoctoral Research Associate


Priya is a post-doctoral research associate in EPG. She has an undergraduate in Electrical Engineering (Kerala University) and a masters in Energy Systems (IIT Bombay). Her interdisciplinary background enables her to research on multi-vector and multi-dimensional transfer of energy in micro to large scale low carbon energy grids. She has expertise in diverse domains covering various facets of the renewable energy and power system. In her PhD, on "Barriers and solutions for high penetration of PV in the UK", she analysed the challenges in steady and dynamic state performance of distribution networks with PV.

With over four years of industrial experience as System Design Manager - Solar Systems, Reliance Industries Limited India, she seamlessly bridges the expectations of partners and stakeholders in collaborations. She also has worked as a part-time associate lecturer, Northumbria University and as Assistant Professor, PES Institute of Technology, India.


Other Roles

  • Member of IEEE Smartgrid R&D committee
  • Vice-chair of the Department of Engineering Researchers Committee, University of Oxford
  • Organisor of "How should we share the benefits of energy transition?" Find out more about this event
  • Reviewer for Elsevier Electric Power Systems Research (from 2015), Renewable Energy (from 2015), Applied Energy (from 2018) and Energy Policy (from 2019) and IET Renewable Power Generation (from 2016) journals
  • Certified Energy Auditor from Bureau of Energy Efficiency, India(2011-2016)

Research Interests

  • Whole system perspective of energy analysis
  • Renewable energy systems design and operation (DC nanogrid, AC microgrid and large scale AC smart grids)
  • Integration of domestic storage (thermal and electrical)
  • Distributed generation/load for demand-side management
  • Impact of electric vehicles on future cities (as storage and infrastructure requirements)
    Power system modelling, simulation and analysis

Current Projects

Power, Energy, Technology and Efficiency (PETE)

Previously known as DESIRE project. The aim of the trial is to investigate the potential for intelligent household technologies to provide a balancing service to the electricity grid. The individual sites will be connected, via a unique intelligent function of the hot water tanks and batteries, to the Cloud, where their output will be aggregated to provide a capacity to the grid.

Park and charge (PnC) phase 1 feasibility study (Jan-Mar, 2019)

The project focussed on establishing the feasibility of providing a living laboratory electric vehicle charging demonstrator in Oxfordshire and provide a crucial platform for the streamlining of the energy, urban and transport related challenges. The system will provide a solution that directly aids modal transport shift in one of the countries most challenging transport related regions.

Research Groups

Related Academics


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  • Co-author of white paper on “IEEE Smart Grid R&D committee: Process and synopsis of collation of topics”, August 2017
  • Co-author of white paper on “IEEE Smart Grid Survey Structure of Emerging Technologies”, IEEE
  • Sivapriya Bhagavathy, Nicola Pearsall, Ghanim Putrus and Sara Walker "Analysis of distribution network performance under different penetration levels of Solar PV,” 12th Photovoltaic Science, Application and Technology conference, 2016
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