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Suchandrima Das BEng DPhil MSc

Career Development Fellow, Jesus College

TEL: 01865273800
COLLEGE: Jesus College


Suchandrima is a Faculty member at the Department of Engineering Science and a Fellow of Jesus College. She has a bachelor’s degree from National University of Singapore, focusing on electrical engineering and specifically on optoelectronic materials.

After working on product engineering at Advanced Micro Devices for a year, she went on to do a master’s degree at ETH Zurich on biomedical engineering, centring specifically on biomechanics. Subsequently she spent a year as a research associate in Singapore General Hospital, working on developing high-resolution optical coherence tomography imaging tools for biological tissues. In 2016, she joined the department as a DPhil student of Solid Mechanics, associated with Mansfield College.

In her PhD she used new synchrotron X-Ray diffraction techniques along with numerical modelling to study the changes in material properties due to irradiation damage, with the aim of developing armour components for future fusion reactors.

Her current research combines the fields of electrical engineering, biomedical engineering and solid mechanics under the realm of material engineering. It primarily focusses on development of physically-based multi-scale computational material models with the help of ab-initio calculations and multi-technique experiments, such as micro-mechanical tests, synchrotron X-ray diffraction and electron microscopy. The models are targeted to be developed for design and characterisation of novel materials for high-performance applications such as medical implants, nuclear reactor components, high-frequency transistors etc.


Research Interests

  • Fusion materials
  • Crystal Plasticity modelling
  • Synchrotron X-ray diffraction
  • Biomedical implants