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Thomas To-Hung TSUI BEng PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher


Thomas received his BEng and Ph.D. degrees from HKUST (Civil and Environmental Engineering). He was trained at UNESCO-IHE in Delft for waste & water infrastructure planning. Before joining the University of Oxford, he was a research fellow at NUS (Energy & Environmental Sustainability Solutions for Megacities-CREATE). In recognition of his leadership achievement of R&D implementation, he was the PI recipient of the HKIE Innovation Award - a Grand Prize that opens for engineers across all fields in Hong Kong.

Research Interests

I am keen on chasing answers that could strategize our sustainability actions at scale. In response to SDGs and climate risks, I am fascinated by how systemic interventions could be rapidly developed and implemented into upcycling resource efficiency within urban systems. It would concern how technology and social sciences go hand in hand in bringing many critical changes.

As a part of the Agile Initiative at the Oxford Martin School, my current research focuses on conceptualizing the technological advancement regarding the metabolic interaction between regenerative agriculture and resource circularity. Built on systems engineering approaches, it will also scrutinize the policy landscape and accordingly recommend action plans.

My Research interests Include:

  • Urban infrastructure
  • Circular economy
  • Supply chains; Environmental biotechnology
  • Artificial intelligence

Research Groups