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Till Weidner

Till Weidner MEng

DPhil Candidate


Till Weidner is a Doctoral Researcher with an M.Eng in Chemical Engineering. He is curious about more sustainable and resilient urban food and waste systems, in particular the localisation of food production through urban agriculture and resource recovery within the circular (bio)economy. Prior to his doctoral studies, Till worked as management consultant at McKinsey & Company and as engineer in several manufacturing environments. He is passionate about genuine green and social businesses and has advised several social enterprises on strategic topics through Ashoka Globalizer. In his free time, he supports Extinction Rebellion and Economy for the Common Good

Research Interests

  • Urban agriculture
  • Industrial ecology
  • Biowaste recovery
  • Controlled-Environment Agriculture
  • Food system impacts

Current Projects

Low-carbon urban agriculture with biowaste integration and renewable energy systems.

The project evaluates climate and land impacts of redesigned productive urban food systems, employing mathematical modelling and optimisation, geospatial analysis and life-cycle assessment.

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