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Xiaorong Ding

Postdoctoral Researcher


Xiaorong received the BSc degree in 2009 in biomedical engineering, and the MEng degree in 2012, both from Chongqing University, China. After working at Huawei Technologies, China and then with the Key Laboratory of Health Informatics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, she received the PhD degree in biomedical engineering in 2016 from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, where she continued as a postdoctoral research assistant for one year. She has recently focused on cuffless blood-pressure measurement for unobtrusive monitoring using signal processing and physiological modelling. Her research interests are in engineering for healthcare, with a focus on biomedical signal processing, physiological modelling, and noninvasive physiological monitoring.


Research Interests

Xiaorong is an-ESPRC supported postdoctoral researcher with the ASPIRE project, in which she is developing unobtrusive "wearable" monitors for hospital-to-home care, aiming to provide continuous monitoring for patients with chronic conditions, in collaboration with colleagues from Oxford University Hospitals.

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