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Dr  Xinshao Wang  Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Xinshao Wang

Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Dr Xinshao Wang's PhD project was funded by University Special Research Scholarship and sponsored by a  company that provides many services on intelligent vision recognition.

Xinshao Wang is working on core deep learning techniques with applications to visual recognition:

(1) Deep metric learning: to learn discriminative and robust image/video representations for downstream tasks, e.g., image/video retrieval and image/video clustering;

(2) Robust deep learning: robust learning and inference under adverse conditions, e.g., label noise, missing labels (semi-supervised learning), out-of-distribution training examples, sample imbalance, etc;

(3) Computer vision: video/set-based person re-identification; image/video classification/retrieval/clustering.

Personal Website

Research Interests

  • Deep Metric Learning
  • Robust Deep Learning
  • Semi-supervised Learning
  • Label Noise
  • Sample Imbalance

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