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Thom Building, Department of Engineering Science

Xiuze Wang DPhil

DPhil Student

TEL: 07597 513443
COLLEGE: Jesus College


Xiuze graduated with a bachelor degree in Engineering Science from University of Nottingham in 2013. He focused his studies on using two tunable lasers to develop beat frequency sources to excite the vibration of membranes. After that, he went to the University of Cambridge to carry out research on GaN LEDs and optofludics systems. In 2016, he went to Toshiba (Japan) as part of an internship on developing semiconductor devices. He joined the Soft Matter Photonics group in October 2017 to develop liquid crystal technologies for medical imaging applications. Xiuze is also a graduate student at Jesus College, Oxford.


Research Interests

  • Liquid Crystal (LC) SLM
  • AR/VR
  • Beam steering device
  • Direct laser writing

Research Projects

Integrated liquid crystal (LC) phase modulator:

LC Phase modulator that combined flexoelectro‐optic LC layer with a polymerized reactive mesogen layer and a mirrored substrate to create a full 2π phase modulation at a 1 kHz switching frequency.

A Thin‐Film Flexible Defect‐Mode Laser:

Laser emission from a flexible defect‐mode structure consisting of two photopolymerized liquid crystal thin films separated by a dye‐doped polymethylmethacrylate defect layer is demonstrated.

LC beam steering system:

Two dimensional beam steering system that based on LC device and polarisation grating.


  • A Compact Full 2π Flexoelectro‐Optic Liquid Crystal Phase Modulator
  • Transmissive flexoelectro-optic liquid crystal optical phase modulator with 2 π modulation
  • A Thin‐Film Flexible Defect‐Mode Laser
  • Fast and low loss flexoelectro-optic liquid crystal phase modulator with a chiral nematic reflector
  • Flexoelectro-optic liquid crystal analog phase-only modulator with a 2π range and 1 kHz switching
  • Characterization of large tilt-angle flexoelectro-optic switching in chiral nematic liquid crystal devices