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Thom Building, Department of Engineering Science


Xun Zhang DPhil

Postdoctoral Research Assistant


Dr Xun Zhang is a Postdoctoral Research Assistant working with Professor Alan Cocks on modelling the sintering of TBCs manufactured by air-plasma spray (APS). This is a project sponsored by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Xun joined Oxford in January 2019. He got his PhD in materials science in 2016 from the University of Manchester, focusing on characterisation of porous ceramic materials e.g. thermal barrier coatings (TBCs) for turbine engines using 3D X-ray micro-tomography. From 2016-2018, he worked in the Henry Moseley X-ray Imaging Facility (now part of the Royce Institute) in the University of Manchester as a Postdoctoral Research Associate.


Research Interests

  • Materials characterisation especially 3D characterisation using X-ray computed tomography
  • Porous (ceramic) materials with a focus on the structure (porosity) property relationship
  • Micro-mechanical modelling
  • In-situ experiments

Current Projects

Modelling the sintering of air-plasma sprayed (APS) thermal barreir coatings (TBCs)

This projet aims at developing a micro-mechanical model to predict the sintering response of a porous ceramic (ytrria stabilised zirconia) coating used in gas turbines.

Related Academics


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