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Zhandos Orazalin


Zhandos Orazalin PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher


Dr. Zhandos Orazalin received his Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA. His research is focused on geotechnical engineering problems associated with complex interaction between structures and soils under various loading conditions.


Research Interests

Practical applications of real-time data analytics integrated with digital twins

Current Projects

Intelligent Fibre Optic Monitoring to Inform the Construction of Underground Services


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  2. Orazalin, Z. Y. (2012). “Three-dimensional finite element analysis of a complex excavation on the MIT campus” (Master of Science Thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  3. Orazalin, Z. Y. (2017). “Analysis of large deformation offshore geotechnical problems in soft clay” (Doctoral Dissertation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  4. Orazalin, Z., Whittle, A. (2018). "Realistic Numerical Simulations of Cone Penetration with Advanced Soil Models", 4th International Symposium on Cone Penetration Testing, Delft, Netherlands