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Zifan Wang DPhil student

Zifan Wang BEng

DPhil Student

TEL: +44 07366041457


Zifan Wang received his degree of BEng in Aircraft Manufacturing Engineering from Harbin Institute of Technology, China, in 2018. Right after that, he joined Solid Mechanics Group as a DPhil student.

He is supervised by Prof. Alexander M. Korsunsky and is affiliated to the MBLEM (Multi-Beam Laboratory for Engineering Microscopy), Oxford. He is based at Exeter College.

Research Interests

Zifan Wang's research interests mainly concern the investigation the functional behaviour of near-equiatomic Nickel-Titanium alloy, which is extensively used in engineering applications such as actuators, stent, cooling systems and other flexible structures. Probing techniques involves but not limited to, Neutron and synchrotron X-ray diffraction, Scanning Electron Microscope, Back-Scatter Electron, Electron Back-Scatter Diffraction, Transmission Electron Microscope etc.

In addition, his research field extends to other popular areas, such as creep in Nickel superalloys, crack of NCM lithium batteries cathode, fracture of sheep bone, mechanical properties of 3D printed polymers, and so on.

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