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Women in Engineering networking event

Meet our female engineers

For many years women have been under-represented in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) university courses and occupations. Only 19% of UK engineering & technology students in the UK are female (although within the Department of Engineering Science, it is slightly higher than this). This is something we are trying to address with our outreach activities. We are proud to help raise the profile of women engineers and encourage more people to consider engineering as a profession for all.

As part of our International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) 2020 celebrations, some of our female academics, researchers and DPhil candidates talked to us about their experiences in engineering. You can download them below.

Find out more about INWED 2020 which this year takes place on 23 June.

Our female academics, researchers and students

"Being an academic in research is amazing. Being in Oxford is really inspiring. There are no boundaries to creativity."
"Engineering is so much more than the name implies. It is enough to look at all the different types of engineering: Information, Civil, Mechanical, Biomedical, Electrical - and I still haven't counted them all!"
"My favourite part of the day is thinking of things to do that have not been done before. As a researcher, that is a big part of the job."
"We can follow role models, see how they built their career path and get positive energy from them."
"The aerospace engineer, Theodore Von Karman, once said, "Scientists discover the world that exists; engineers create the world that never was". This quote inspires me to pursue engineering."
"My adaptability, patience, organisation and problem solving skills help me in attaining the objectives of my project."
"I believe women bring diversity and different perspectives which could improve work substantially."
"I love my job. It is challenging, fast-paced and impactful (feel like superwomen, occasionally)"

University of Oxford Women in Science project

The Women in Science project is a collection of 56 interviews with women scientists working at Oxford.

The aim of the project was to provide support to women making career decisions, by offering them the opportunity to explore a broad range of experiences shared by other women through video interviews. The women talked about many issues, including the culture of science, publishing, obtaining fellowship funding, having a mentor and Athena SWAN.

Here are some of the Engineering Science scientists featured in the project.