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PICASO Project, Geotechnical Engineering

PICASO Project

The PICASO project was launched in 2018 as a joint initiative between Oxford University and ├śrsted to further develop cyclic loading methods for monopile behaviour. The research develops from the results from the PISA project, and the previous work at Oxford on the Hyperplastic Accelerated Ratcheting Model (HARM) framework through laboratory testing and theoretical development. The project runs for five years with the following broad objectives: (a) Development of new design methods for cyclic loading, including accounting for rate effects and ratcheting, building on PISA and HARM, with an emphasis on theoretical development, calibration methods, validation processes and application to new design scenarios. The methodology aims to address storm loading as well as lifetime loading. (b) Translation of the new methods into industrial practice, by generalisation of the approach to a wider range of likely site conditions, integrating the models into wind farm scale computations to explore design optimisation at turbine and farm scale, and to explore the financial impact of the work. There are 5 work packages as illustrated on the image. For further information please contact Prof Byron Byrne.