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MultiMeDIA People

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MultiMeDIA People

Academic Lead

Dr Abhirup Banerjee, MStat PhD

- Royal Society University Research Fellow

Abhirup Banerjee is a Royal Society University Research Fellow (URF), Full Member of Faculty, and PI in the Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford. Dr Banerjee received the BSc (Hons) and Master degrees in Statistics and the PhD degree in Computer Science in March 2017. He joined the University of Oxford as Postdoctoral Researcher in the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine in August 2017, started as the URF and Faculty Member in the Department of Engineering Science in October 2022, and officially started the MultiMeDIA Lab in March 2023. His research interest spans Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science, and classical Statistics, focusing on a range of topics including Biomedical Image Analysis, Machine Learning, AI, Geometric Deep Learning, Image Processing, etc.

Research Staff

Dr Mojtaba Lashgari, PhD

- Postdoctoral Research Assistant (2023 May - )

Mojtaba joined the University of Oxford in May 2023 as a Postdoctoral Research Assistant to work with Dr. Abhirup Banerjee. His primary research focuses on real-time analysis of multimodal cardiac imaging data to create AI-based tools aimed at improving patient care in catheterisation labs by replacing subjective interpretations and invasive measurements. Prior to his current role, he completed his PhD at the University of Leeds, under the guidance of Prof. Alejandro Frangi and Prof. Jürgen Schneider. His research during this time centered on developing an in-silico framework for microstructure-sensitive myocardial diffusion-weighted MRI, exploring the intersection of computational modelling and diffusion-weighted MRI.


Dr Alexander James Sharp, MBBS

- DPhil Student (2023 Oct - )

Alexander Sharp is a DPhil candidate in Engineering Science at the Somerville College. He is a Cardiology Speciality Registrar with a sub-speciality interest in electrophysiology and cardiac devices. He graduated from Imperial College London in 2015 with an MBBS and BSc (Hons) in Cardiovascular Sciences. His research focus is atrial fibrillation, specifically investigating the interplay between left atrial geometry and propagation patterns in atrial fibrillation, with the ultimate aim of improving outcomes of catheter ablation therapy.

Ms Thalia Seale

- DPhil Student - EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Health Data Science (2023 Mar - )

Thalia Seale is a 2nd Year DPhil candidate at the IBME through Health Data Science CDT. Their primary area of research is "Automated personalised 4D heart modelling for disease prediction”. Their background is in in Mathematics and Statistics, having completed a BSc in Mathematical Sciences at the University of Durham in 2021 and a MSc in Statistical Science at the University of Oxford in 2022. They are passionate about the use of quantitative methods for tackling challenging social, environmental and public health issues, and have worked on a variety of research projects exploring topics such as transfer learning for neural networks, risk prediction in case-cohort studies and meta-analysis in conservation science.

Mr Haobo Zhu

- DPhil Student (2023 Oct - )

Haobo Zhu is a 1st year DPhil candidate at IBME. His primary research area is "Automated Analysis of X-ray Angiogram Images Using Deep Learning for Real-Time Interventions". Before coming to Oxford, he completed his MEng Biomedical Engineering degree at the Imperial College London with a First Class Honours, and spend 1.5 years in Dr Choon Hwai Yap’s group doing research on Automatic Segmentation of Fetal Heart Echo Images. He has huge interests on signal processing, image processing, and machine learning. In daily life, he is passionate about playing the piano and guitar, as well as photography.

Mr Mohammad Atwany

- DPhil Student (2023 Oct - )

Mohammad Atwany is a DPhil student at the IBME branch of Engineering Science in the University of Oxford. Mohammed completed his BSc (Hons) and Master's degrees in Machine Learning in December 2022. He then officially joined the MultiMeDIA lab at the University of Oxford in October 2023. He is motivated by a broad range of research interests in Biomedical Engineering, including, Domain Generalisation, and Domain Adaptation in Interventional Medicine.

Nicharee (Ploy) Srikijkasemwat

- MEng in Engineering Science (2023 Oct - )

Ploy is a MEng Engineering Science student at St Peter's College. Her fourth-year project focuses on developing novel deep learning models for disease prediction from cardiac MRI.

Honorary Members

Ms Siyu Wang

- DPhil Student (2023 Oct - )

- Jointly Supervised with Prof Vicente Grau

Selina is currently a DPhil student at IBME. She completed the MEng degree in Engineering Science at University of Oxford. Her primary research topic is about tracking the motion of coronary arteries in x-ray angiograms.