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Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

Professor Alfonso Castrejon-Pita’s Fluid Dynamics Laboratory at Oxford focuses on (but is not limited to) the study of drops and liquid jets.

Current research activities deal with the breakup of harmonically stimulated liquid jets, drop deposition and splashing dynamics, contact line dynamics, novel droplet generation techniques, and pinch-off of viscous filaments.

A variety of novel and traditional diagnostic and imaging techniques such as laser visualisation and velocimetry, shadowgraphy, and high-speed imaging are applied to reveal the complex dynamics of these phenomena. The Laboratory maintains collaborations with groups in the UK, Spain, France, USA, Mexico and Germany.

Research topics include:

  • Physics of drops and liquid jets.
  • Fluid visualisation and velocimetry.
  • Nonlinear dynamics and chaos (Fractals and Synchronization).
  • Oscillatory flows.
  • InkJet and additive manufacturing (3D Printing).