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Institute of Biomedical Engineering

Oxford Man Institute

Oxford Thermofluids Institute

Oxford e-Research Centre

Oxford Robotics Institute

Institute of Biomedical Engineering

Biomaterials and Biomechanics

Biomedical Image Analysis

Digital Health

Therapy and Drug Delivery


Tissue Engineering

Data Readiness

Beyond Antibiotics

Oxford Mechanobiology

Physical Acoustics

Cerebral Haemodynamics Group

Computational Health Informatics

Bioelectronic Circuits and Systems

PULSE (Ultrasound)

Biomedical Image Analysis

Multimodal Medical Data Integration & Analysis

Chemical and Process Engineering

Tissue Engineering

Energy Storage and Energy Carriers

Oxford Green Ammonia Technology

Synthetic Biology & Single Cell Biotechnology


Sustainable Water Process Engineering

Systems Engineering

Membrane Science & Technology

Environmental Engineering

Civil and Offshore Engineering

Structural Engineering and Materials

Ophthalmic Engineering

Environmental Fluid Mechanics

Geotechnical Engineering

Communications Engineering

Computer Engineering

Information and Network Science Lab

Soft Matter Photonics Group

Dynamic Optics and Photonics Group

Power Electronics Group

Optical Wireless Communications

Oxford Metamaterials Network

Metamaterials Group

Quantum Engineering

Energy and Power Group

Energy Systems and Storage

Power Electronics Group

Combustion and Engines (Thermal Propulsion Systems Research Group)

Energy and Environmental Informatics

Tidal Energy

Cryogenic Engineering

Battery Intelligence Lab

Control Engineering

Data Readiness

Systems of Systems

Foerster Lab for AI Research

Machine Learning Research Group

Visual Geometry Group

Optimization for Vision and Learning (OVAL)

Computer Vision and Machine Learning

Active Vision Laboratory

Computational Health Informatics

Oxford Robotics Institute

Mobile Robotics

Applied AI

Dynamic Robot Systems

Goal-Oriented Autonomous Long-Lived Systems

Soft Robotics Lab

Cognitive Robotics

Neural Processing Lab (PNPL)

Information and Communication Networks

Advanced Instrumentation Research Group

Solid Mechanics and Materials Group Website

Oxford Mechanobiology

High Strain Rate Group

Computational Mechanics

Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics

Impact Engineering

Materials Engineering

Micromechanics and Materials Modelling

In-situ Microscopy and Analysis

Multifunctional Materials & Composites Lab

Oxford Thermofluids Institute

Physical Acoustics

Microfluidics Group

Combustion and Engines (Thermal Propulsion Systems Research Group)

Fluid Dynamics Lab

Particle Deposition Group

High Speed Turbomachinery Group

Turbine Cooling Group

Computational Fluid Dynamics Group

Active Flow Control Group

Hypersonics Group

High Heat Flux Cooling Group

Sustainable Aviation

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The Department of Engineering Science has an international reputation for its research in all the major branches of engineering, and in emerging areas such as biomedical engineering, energy and the environment. We place a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary and collaborative work, both within engineering science and across the physical, medical and life sciences.

The Department also has an excellent record of engagement with industry, and has generated numerous successful spin-out companies.

Research is a core component of the Department and we highly value the input and well-being of our research community - find out about our Researcher Committee, which provides representation across all areas of our post-doctoral research body.

The major theme underlying our research portfolio is the application of cutting-edge science to generate new technology, using a mixture of theory and experiment.