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The Information and Network Science Lab

Information and Network Science Lab


The Information and Network Science (INS) Lab conducts research on a wide variety of information and communication theories and technologies at many different scales and for a broad array of applications.  The current focus of the Lab ranges from information theoretic research on structural compression methods to studies of new modulation techniques and even electro-fluidics.  Under the leadership of Prof. Justin P. Coon, members of the INS Lab have published approximately 200 papers in leading journals (IEEE, APS) and conferences on these and various other subjects.

An area of the Lab's research that has recently gained the attention of industry and government has been related to the quantification of complexity and structure in spatial networks.  A major line of investigation relates to how entropy measures of graphs can be exploited in the context of data science and communication networks to compress structural information and improve system performance.  The INS Lab is currently studying how network functions such as routing and topology discovery can be enhanced with knowledge of the network entropy.

Prof. Coon recently worked with Futurum to create learning materials for school-age children that describe some of the work that his lab does.  Have a look at the following reports on social media:

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Also, click the image below to see a super cool animation!