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Civil and Offshore Engineering

Civil and Offshore Engineering

Civil and Offshore Engineering Research Group


The Civil and Offshore Engineering Group is an established grouping of academics, post-doctoral researchers, graduate students and visitors, together with technical and administrative support staff. The Group is mainly located in the Jenkin Building which is situated at the northern apex of the Keble Road Triangle in Oxford.

The Group engages in research across a wide spectrum of areas in geotechnics, environmental fluid mechanics and structures. Unlike civil engineering departments at many other universities, the Civil and Offshore Engineering Group operates without boundaries between the subdisciplines. We are therefore able to foster collaborations across a broad range of research areas in civil engineering.

The Group offers a lively program in doctoral training and we are keen to receive applications for doctoral study from people with the motivation and ability to contribute to the various research areas being pursued in the Group. Some of our graduate students are engaged in the WAMESS (Wave & Marine Energy Systems & Structures) Centre for Doctoral Training program that is run jointly with Strathclyde and Edinburgh Universities.”


Wind Turbine Array - Computational Study

Oxford Smart Pipe

Underground Construction Monitoring

rotors on surface of pool

Rotors on Surface of Pool


Large Diameter Caissons

Freak Wave

Freak Wave Being Recreated in Pool

Retractable Structure

Retractable Structure


Wind Turbine