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About Oximeta, the Oxford Metamaterials Centre at the University of Oxford

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Metamaterials – Artificial composites with electromagnetic properties not available from natural materials - are an emergent new technological discipline with numerous research groups around the world active both in fundamental research and in the search for applications. Oxford Metamaterials Centre was set up by researchers in Physics, Materials and Engineering, to stimulate interdisciplinary collaboration between groups working on metamaterials, to facilitate an effective use of existing human/equipment resources, and provide a forum for integrated planning of research, sharing of facilities and joint student supervision.

The OxiMETA institute aims at future development of meta-technologies covering a wide range of scales and frequencies, with end-products including Medical applications, Optical technologies and Instrumentation, in view of a large number of relevant companies in and around Oxford.

The Institute will provide a platform for collaboration and less formal interactions between researchers interested in incorporating metamaterial structures in future technologies, exploring the basic physics of novel meta-structured composites and using meta-devices.

The institute will act as a virtual institute with its goals being supported through a calendar of activities and workshops. Joint research efforts involving analysis, synthesis, design, manufacturing, characterisation and optimisation will be our path, driven by the prospect of arriving at novel devices (e.g. capable of super-directive manipulation of the electromagnetic waves suitable for medical imaging applications, both for diagnostic and therapeutic use).

The aim of the centre is to leverage the existing human/equipment resources. OxiMETA potential partners are across the entire university, with core partners being based in Engineering, Materials and Physics for now.

We are now creating the OxiMETA network to intensify our internal collaboration, but also to create a single point of contact for companies and research centres outside, which will trigger new projects with external partners.