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Quantum Engineering Group

Engineered nanoscale systems that provide access to the microscopic — quantum — properties of matter are heralding a revolution in physics and technology. Control over single quantum objects, such as a single electron or a single photon, and over interactions between them provides direct access to measurement correlations that were hitherto theoretical constructs.

Such developments are enabling a bottom-up experimental and information theoretic approach to shedding light on intense areas of study in fundamental physics, such as high-temperature superconductivity, topological quantum matter, and novel non-equilibrium phases. It is also enabling an information technology revolution with epoch-changing significance for sensing & measurement, computing, and communication. Taken together, the development of controllable and versatile quantum many-body systems is an opportunity for fundamental science and its applications, and for education – there is an accelerating demand for highly qualified personnel within a now exponentially growing quantum economy.